85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't been invented yet.

Colorado business leaders are helping make sure today's schools are inspiring tomorrow's innovators.
Great Schools are Good Business

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We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to the continuous improvement of our state’s education system and shaping the future of Colorado’s workforce. 

Urban or rural. Small business or Fortune 500. More time to give, or just need to be in the know. Whatever your vantage point, we’re saving a seat for you. 

We are

a network of Colorado business leaders, who have joined forces to make sure the education system works better and smarter for all the people of Colorado.

We believe

our unique business expertise, leadership skills, and influence relentlessly applied can continuously improve Colorado’s schools.

We commit

to bring education, business, and government leaders together for lasting results. Schools improve. Government streamlines. Business strengthens.
“Agility Explained: Achieving Vision 2030 Through Policy,” is a series of policy papers that highlight the short-term and the multi-year initiatives Colorado could pursue to redesign our education system into one that is responsive, personalized, and student-centered.

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