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We’re a coalition of business leaders with a vision to radically improve education and training outcomes for all learners.

Colorado’s job market faces one of the largest talent gaps in the country. It’s time to change that.

Our members are building a system where learners are educated to their greatest potential, employers can recruit homegrown talent, and policymakers are responsive to critical needs.


Discover the latest policy updates, information and tools to drive innovative education and workforce solutions.


Continuous Improvement, Far-Reaching Impact

Since 2006, we’ve been working to strengthen the systems we rely on, the learners we support, and the businesses they go on to join. Here’s a look at who we’re helping, and how.

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Urban or rural. Small business or Fortune 500. Lots of time to give or just need to be in the know. Whatever your vantage point, we’re saving a seat for you.