Our Team

Our Team

Meet the team committed to improving outcomes for Colorado’s learners

Our Team

Core Values


We build trust with colleagues, investors, partners and community members by listening, learning, and supporting one another. Together, we are stronger.


We’re organizationally self-aware and take smart risks, even when things feel new or scary. We willingly trade short-term discomfort for long-term growth.


We are motivated to innovate, create, and test new solutions, and challenge the status quo in pursuit of transformational results. We take the initiative to act before others do.


We take responsibility for our actions, words, attitudes, and impact. We own our commitments, honor our mistakes, and seek continuous improvement.


Fueled by a sense of pride in our work and the mission we represent, we consistently go above and beyond. We’re only satisfied when we’ve exceeded expectations.

Explore a Career with Colorado Succeeds

We are often looking for strong and motivated education advocates to join our team. Please continue to check this page for open positions and opportunities to get involved.