What We Stand For

What We Stand For

We believe that education is a launchpad for opportunity.

Bolstering Colorado’s Homegrown Talent

Colorado faces a challenging paradox: we have one of the most well-educated workforces in the country, thanks to an influx of imported talent, yet we struggle to cultivate educational systems that help our own children thrive. This opportunity gap points to drastic educational inequities in our state.

More than 90% of jobs that pay a living wage in Colorado require some sort of postsecondary training.


Yet more than 70% of Colorado high school graduates don’t get a certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s degree within six years.

(Source: CPR News)

In 2022, only 32% of Colorado’s 8th-grade students meet or exceed Colorado’s state standards for math.

(Source: Colorado Department of Education 2022)

Only 36% of Colorado fourth-graders are proficient in reading, causing large disparities at an early age.

(Source: The National Assessment of Educational Progress)

Colorado Succeeds is on a mission to crack this paradox, improve K12 and postsecondary outcomes, strengthen our workforce, and empower a generation of learners to shape their futures. Together with business leaders and policymakers, we’re rewriting the narrative, unleashing the full potential of Colorado’s students, and creating a brighter future for all learners.


To apply our business expertise, influence, and capital to improve Colorado’s schools.


All of Colorado’s learners are educated to their greatest potential, and all of Colorado’s businesses have the talented and innovative homegrown workforce they need to thrive.

We have to focus on the foundational policies and programs impacting our learners if we want any chance to grow in Colorado. Colorado Succeeds is a critical partner to Lockheed Martin, in a state where we draw roughly 50% of our workforce each year.

John Heyliger, Colorado Succeeds Board Member & VP Talent Acquisition at Lockheed Martin

Our Business Principles

Learners First

Prioritize the needs of the learner over the system


Prioritize learners furthest from opportunity

Transparency & Accountability

Collect the right data and share it publicly

Choice & Innovation

Expand options and remove barriers

Return on Investment

Channel limited resources to opportunities for greatest impact


Respond and adapt to a constantly changing environment

Our Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Colorado Succeeds is committed to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion as a core motivator, strategy, and value.

Through policies and programs that center students and families facing systemic inequities, Colorado Succeeds works to remove barriers to accessing opportunities and resources they need to reach their greatest potential.

We are committed to engaging the perspectives of diverse communities to learn, understand, and form the basis of our future actions and ensuring education stakeholders are at the table, co-creating, supporting, and leading efforts that are best for students and families. 

Colorado Succeeds strives for continuous improvement in advancing equitable policy, centering equity in decision-making and strategy development, and clearly defining and demonstrating progress toward equity outcomes.

Looking to get involved?

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