Impact Brief: Career Development Incentive Program

Colorado Succeeds believes every student in Colorado should graduate from high school with a diploma, a postsecondary credential with market value, and a high-quality career-connected learning experience. Through policy and advocacy, we work to ensure all of Colorado’s students have access to a game-changing education.

To help answer this question, Colorado Succeeds developed a series of impact briefs analyzing many of the programs currently focused on postsecondary credit opportunities and career-connected learning in high school.

The Career Development Incentive Program (CDIP) was established in 2016 to encourage school districts and charter schools to provide industry-recognized certificate programs, internships, and pre-apprenticeship programs aligned with in-demand industries.

Schools receive up to $1,000 in incentive payments to their school districts based on student completion in pre-approved programs. As of this publication in 2022, over $16 million has been distributed to school districts because of this program.