Colorado Succeeds believes every student in Colorado should graduate from high school with a diploma, a postsecondary credential with market value, and a high-quality career-connected learning experience. Through policy and advocacy, we work to ensure all of Colorado’s students have access to a game-changing education.

To help answer this question, Colorado Succeeds developed a series of impact briefs analyzing many of the programs currently focused on postsecondary credit opportunities and career-connected learning in high school.

According to the Colorado Department of Higher Education, only 61% of adults ages 25–64 have earned a credential beyond a high school diploma as of 2020. Combined with the fact that Colorado is ranked third nationally for jobs requiring postsecondary education or training for employment underscores the importance of Early College High Schools (ECHS).

This school model, established in Colorado in 2009, requires students to enroll in and complete secondary and postsecondary courses while in high school making college education more accessible and affordable.