Letter to the State Board: Use Stimulus Dollars to Fund High School Re-engagement and Work-Based Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has created urgency around re-engaging high school students who have fallen behind on graduation requirements and college and career readiness. There are untold numbers of high school students who, as a result of decreased engagement during the pandemic, failed or nearly failed courses this year.

Educators and advocacy groups agree that work-based learning and career exploration are key to re-engaging high school students. Making coursework relevant to post-secondary career opportunities and encouraging the development of transferrable, essential skills help students explore career options and encourage re-engagement.

Colorado Succeeds joined a number of school districts and education partners in urging the state to invest in a strategy address high school disengagement through career-connected learning:

  • Prioritize career-connected learning and partnerships – encourage employers to partner with schools
  • Support regional partnerships and collaboration
  • Expand seat-time flexibility to encourage and easily facilitate learning outside the classroom
  • Increase flexibility in community college service areas to encourage concurrent enrollment
  • Incentivize blended learning and schedule flexibility  

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