Testing in Colorado: What You Need to Know

…assessment is called the Colorado Measures of Academic Success, or CMAS. CMAS measure student performance in four key content areas and are aligned to Colorado’s academic standards. CMAS tests students in:

Math (grades 3-9) English language…

Succeeds Prize Selection Process

…is well understood across the state. Specifically, the index utilizes growth measured by median growth percentiles, mean scores in achievement (CMAS and ACT), and high school graduation rates (counted as part of achievement).


Business, Education, and America’s Workforce

(CMAS) test results are released later this fall, Engler said, everyone needs to be braced for a dip in scores and not allow backlash to derail progress.

In Kentucky, which adopted new standards in…

Transformational Impact

…create an index to rank schools using publicly available data (from CMAS), identifying the top schools in elementary, middle, and high school grades. The index is weighted accordingly: 40% is a composite measure of student