Back to School: Tips for Successful Remote Learning

Going back to school this year looks and feels a lot different than any time before. While some students are returning to the classroom, many are starting the way they finished last school year: remotely.

There are many challenges with remote learning, like navigating work with monitoring schoolwork and schedules, childcare, and access to high quality programs and tools. However, there are many ways that students can be successful at home or wherever they are engaged.

Connectivity. Be sure your home has reliable internet or that you have access to reliable internet at a remote learning site, like the office, public Wi-Fi access, or other location.

Stay engaged. Students will remain engaged if parents and teachers are engaged. Ask questions. Learn with your kids. If you find the work interesting and meaningful, your kids will, too.

Take breaks. Staying engaged in a remote environment is difficult for everyone. Be sure that your kids can step away from screens and assignments during the school day so that can return to learning recharged.

Connect with teachers and administrators. Be sure you’re aware of school expectations, schedules, and logistics. Encourage your kids to schedule one-on-one time with teachers when appropriate.

Build relationships. Encourage your kids to connect with friends and classmates virtually or through a safely distanced outing. Successful education builds relationships – that shouldn’t stop at home.

Access learning everywhere. Learning happens everywhere. Make meaningful connections while on a walk, playing games, or leverage curriculum from community partners and online resources.

Stay tuned for more insights as we continue to navigate this unprecedented time.

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