Competitive Federal Stimulus Opportunities Unveiled to Address Workforce and K-12

Colorado Succeeds is developing recommendations for state leaders on both opportunities. Read below for more information about each.

  1. Rethink K-12 Education Models: A grant for states with the highest coronavirus burden to address specific educational needs of students, their parents, and teachers in public and non-public schools. The Colorado State Board of Education this week requested ideas from all stakeholders for this opportunity from now until June 12th. The Board is most interested in pursuing field-initiated projects for educational models for remote learning to improve student outcomes.
  2. Reimagining Workforce Preparation Grants: A grant for states to help leverage the power of entrepreneurship to create new opportunities and pathways that help individuals return to work. While details are still limited, the opportunity would fund short-term postsecondary programs and work-based learning opportunities to help learners remain agile in this uncertain economy and to help businesses get back to work. The grants will be awarded based on highest coronavirus burden. Based on preliminary data, Colorado would likely not be a priority recipient but Colorado Succeeds is still encouraging the state to apply.
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Kelly Caufield