Career-Connected Education: Learnings from the Colorado Pathways Conference

Members of the Colorado Succeeds team led sessions, heard from experts, and connected with educators from across the state on this crucial topic. 

It’s pretty incredible to see two days-worth of conference session material on pathways work in Colorado. Our state and the many partners in K12, higher education, and industry who make this work come alive for so many learners should be very proud. And at the same time, the conference was full of important reminders that there is so much work left to do to ensure more young people have access to economic mobility today and in the future.

Shannon Nicholas, Chief of Staff

Homegrown Talent Initiative (HTI) is growing to nearly 50 districts across the state, and we had an opportunity to share this expansion with conference partners. HTI has changed the way rural communities approach career-connected learning and community partnership, building strong foundations for their students’ futures and economic development.

Madison Knapp, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Leaders from Young Aspiring Americans for Social & Political Activism (YAASPA) led an incredible panel on concurrent enrollment participation trends. The insights into racial disparities in concurrent enrollment were eye-opening, and important for education reform organizations like us to consider as we look to improve systems to better serve all students.

Erin Kerr, Strategic Partnerships & Communications Manager

I loved hearing from an amazing panel of learners and employers, including Colorado Succeeds members Janus Henderson Investors and Pinnacol Assurance, who discussed sustaining inclusion in the workspace. This is a critical aspect of career-connected learning, and I’m grateful to the Attainment Network and CareerWise Colorado for ensuring both student and business voice were a part of the conversation. Both are instrumental in building and growing pathways for Colorado learners.

Rachel Van Brocklin, Director of Communications
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Rachel Van Brocklin