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4 Education Bills in 2021 Business Leaders Should Know About

Colorado Succeeds is supporting numerous bills aligned to Vision 2030 that are moving rapidly through the legislative session. Multiple legislators have advanced priority legislation to expand experiential learning opportunities, give access to learning recovery coursework, and create more opportunities on

Kelly Caufield

Introducing the Bill that’s Reimagining High School

Now is the time for Coloradans to reimagine the high school experience. Through the Successful High School Transitions bill (SB21-106) introduced by Senator James Coleman (D), Senator Kevin Priola (R), Rep. Barbara McLachlan (D), and Rep. Mark Baisley (R), Colorado

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Results of the 2021 Three-Day Legislative Session

The legislature returned for a short, three-day session starting on Jan. 13 and will adjourn until Feb. 16 due to COVID-19 concerns. Here’s what you need to know:   The convening began with an execution of items required by the

Preschool students building a structure
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2020 Colorado Election Recap for Education Advocates

With nearly 87 percent of registered voters participating in the 2020 election, Colorado was one of the top 5 highest turnout rates among the 50 states. This significant turnout demonstrates Coloradans’ continued commitment to civic engagement and interest in public policy

College Credit for Work Experience Signing
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College Credit for Work Experience Changes the Game 

Colorado students and workers will now have more opportunities to receive college credit for qualified work experience. HB20-1002, College Credit for Work Experience, which was signed into law earlier this month by Gov. Jared Polis, will allow students and members of the current workforce to

Kelly Caufield

5 Key Takeaways from the 2020 Legislative Session

The 2020 legislative session wrapped up last week after an unprecedented year. Colorado’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 was announced on March 5 and, less than two weeks later, the Colorado General Assembly went into a two-month recess. The Legislature

5 Important Education Policies That Will Be Impacted by COVID-19

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has forever impacted the education landscape. Governor Polis recently announced that all schools will remain closed for the rest of the academic year, while also telling superintendents to start planning for potential fall disruptions.