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Danny McCormick

Bridging the Gaps: Educator Fellows Push Education Forward

When Gideon Geisel, an assistant principal at Denver’s George Washington High School, first heard about a new fellowship program that would give him the opportunity to learn first-hand about what skills businesses need high school graduates to possess, he knew

Shannon Nicholas

Business Wanted: Support Talent Pipeline by Hosting Teacher Extern

Ask most businessowners about their most pressing needs today and high on the list is finding employees who possess the essential skills required to be productive team members: collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Lately, however, a new essential skill

Shannon Nicholas

Four-Day School Week in Colorado: Get the Facts

Did you know that more school districts in Colorado operate on a four-day school week than in any other state? Some other fast facts: With four-day weeks becoming more prevalent across the state—particularly in rural communities—it’s important to get the