Erin Kerr

State Invests in Career-Connected Learning for Rural Districts

Rural school districts across Colorado have been awarded $15 million through the Colorado Department of Education’s Rural Coaction grant program. This program is designed to “increase student access to and engagement with student career pathways and career-connected learning” through collaborative

Erin Kerr

Path4Ward: Building Bridges from High School to College and Career

The 2021 passage of the Successful High School Transitions Bill (SB21-106) moved Colorado closer to blurring the lines between high school, postsecondary education, and career by introducing Path4Ward: Early High School Graduate Innovation Program. In Colorado about 770 students are

Brad Revare

Colorado Succeeds to convene healthcare industry and Higher Ed

Colorado Succeeds played a leading role in passing HB 1350 this year, which provides meaningful incentive money (~$90M) to workforce collaborations between regional industry and higher ed institutions to solve talent pipeline challenges at scale. In advance of the program’s

Colorado Succeeds

Bipartisan Support for Work-Based Learning Business Incentives

Expansion of Experiential Learning Opportunities (SB22-140) passed the Colorado Senate with bipartisan support. The bill, introduced by Sen. James Coleman and Rep. Barbara McLachlan, proposes incentives to businesses to offer work-based learning programs; allowing learners to become earners while developing

Lance Hostetter

Blurring the Line Between High School and Postsecondary Education

Colorado high school students can participate in a variety of programs, like concurrent enrollment, P-TECH, and ASCENT, in which they can earn postsecondary credit while still enrolled in high school. However, these programs can be costly to administer, reliant on

Colorado Succeeds

Employers Advocate for Work-Based Learning Incentives

Work-based learning is a win-win for Colorado learners and businesses; providing opportunities for students to gain real world experience and connect their classroom learning to future careers, and developing talent pipelines for businesses looking to fill in-demand jobs.   Introduced earlier

Ashley Andersen

Post-Secondary and Business Leaders Convene to Discuss Future of Higher Ed

In 2021, the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) received $95M in federal stimulus dollars as a one-time cash infusion to bolster the state’s higher education system. Shortly thereafter, the state legislature empowered a taskforce of education and industry leaders from

Work Based Learning
Brad Revare

Community of Practice: Q1 2022 Work-Based Learning Meeting Report

On February 18, Colorado Succeeds convened its Community of Practice (CoP) to learn about the nuts and bolts of an apprenticeship program built by Centura Health (Centura) and Arapahoe Community College (ACC). Fifteen Colorado Succeeds corporate members, representing diverse industries

Kelly Caufield

Senate Bill SB22-140 Equips Employers to Expand Work-Based Learning

Now is the time for Colorado to prioritize talent development. Recent legislation, introduced by Sen. James Coleman and Rep. Barbara McLachlan, encourages employers to offer work-based learning programs for youth. This policy is part of a broader package of workforce

Amadou Dieng

Career & Technical Education Month 2022

Today’s job market is healthier than ever before, but talent remains difficult to find. Simply put, there are more job openings than there are qualified employees to fill them. That is why it becomes even more important to invest in