Kelly Caufield

5 Key Legislative Updates in the Final Weeks of the 2021 Session

As we come to the final weeks of the 2021 Colorado legislative session, here are the top five things you should know:  1.) Governor Polis and the Legislature make a big stimulus announcement.  This week Governor Polis and legislative leaders

Diane Metzger

What Is Seat Time?

Education is critical to ensuring life-long success for students. Over the years, various requirements have been developed for school districts that are meant to ensure that every student is on track for learning. One such requirement – seat time – has had important implications for how students

Kelly Caufield

4 Education Bills in 2021 Business Leaders Should Know About

Colorado Succeeds is supporting numerous bills aligned to Vision 2030 that are moving rapidly through the legislative session. Multiple legislators have advanced priority legislation to expand experiential learning opportunities, give access to learning recovery coursework, and create more opportunities on

Kelly Caufield

Introducing the Bill that’s Reimagining High School

Now is the time for Coloradans to reimagine the high school experience. Through the Successful High School Transitions bill (SB21-106) introduced by Senator James Coleman (D), Senator Kevin Priola (R), Rep. Barbara McLachlan (D), and Rep. Mark Baisley (R), Colorado