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2022 Colorado Legislative Session Ends with Big Wins for Learners

With over 700 bills and resolutions introduced, the 73rd General Assembly adjourned on Wednesday, May 11 after a 120-day legislative session. Colorado Succeeds is thankful for the courageous leadership of legislators, the Governor’s office, state agency leaders, business leaders, educators,

Amadou Dieng

Addressing the Public School Transportation Shortage

A shortage of bus drivers is causing significant challenges in helping students get to school. Recent legislation introduced by Reps. Colin Larson (R) and Mary Young (D) and Sens. Rachel Zenzinger (D) and Cleave Simpsons (R) encourage innovative solutions, strategies,

Kelly Caufield

Student Learning Gaps and the Need for a Strong Accountability System

Student disengagement and learning loss are competing for attention among the innumerable education challenges surfaced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the country, state legislatures, school districts, education advocacy organizations, parents, and communities are trying to support their students and ensure

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Bipartisan Support for Work-Based Learning Business Incentives

Expansion of Experiential Learning Opportunities (SB22-140) passed the Colorado Senate with bipartisan support. The bill, introduced by Sen. James Coleman and Rep. Barbara McLachlan, proposes incentives to businesses to offer work-based learning programs; allowing learners to become earners while developing

Lance Hostetter

Blurring the Line Between High School and Postsecondary Education

Colorado high school students can participate in a variety of programs, like concurrent enrollment, P-TECH, and ASCENT, in which they can earn postsecondary credit while still enrolled in high school. However, these programs can be costly to administer, reliant on

Kelly Caufield

Momentum for Post-Secondary Innovation Building in Colorado

Colorado Succeeds sees 2022 as the year to prioritize talent development. We, along with 40 other organizations, strongly supported the Student Success & Workforce Revitalization Taskforce’s report recommendations and urged stimulus dollars to focus on four key priorities: Bring industry and

Amadou Dieng

Our School Transportation System Needs a Reboot

A nationwide shortage of bus drivers is causing significant challenges in helping students get to school. Initial research into shortages among other Colorado districts suggests that statewide the shortage of bus drivers is around 30%. Some large school districts like

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Examining Educator Evaluation from a Teacher’s Point of View

By Mark Sass  Mark Sass is a high school teacher at Legacy High School, and the Executive Director of Teach Plus Colorado.     It has been ten years since the implementation of Senate Bill 191, Colorado’s Teacher Evaluation System. Based

Kelly Caufield

Senate Bill SB22-140 Equips Employers to Expand Work-Based Learning

Now is the time for Colorado to prioritize talent development. Recent legislation, introduced by Sen. James Coleman and Rep. Barbara McLachlan, encourages employers to offer work-based learning programs for youth. This policy is part of a broader package of workforce

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Brad Revare

$95 million Federal Stimulus: Invest in Learners and Workforce Development

The statewide Student Success and Workforce Revitalization Task Force created by HB21-1330 last year, has provided its final recommendations to the legislature. Colorado Succeeds applauds the 1330 Commission’s findings and report as a roadmap to Colorado becoming the most economically competitive and talent-rich