Our Mission

We apply our unique business expertise, leadership skills, and influence to improve Colorado's schools.

We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of business leaders working to ensure that all of Colorado's children are educated to their greatest potential, and all of Colorado's businesses have the homegrown talent they need to thrive.

We create change.

Through our network, business leaders take action to improve Colorado’s public schools and build the agile education system we need to engage students and prepare them for the future of work.

We invest in what’s working.

Through philanthropy and implementation support, we are putting dollars, expertise, and effort towards education solutions that are driving real outcomes for students.


We scale success.

Through policy, advocacy, and collaboration, we are working to bring the learnings and innovation from agile education programs and practices across the state to all of Colorado’s learners.  


We’re a community in great company

Colorado’s business community and public education system can only succeed by working together. Our network of Colorado companies includes a statewide employer perspective – and we have champions large and small to connect business, education, and government. All making sure the classrooms of today meet the workforce demands of tomorrow. 


100+ Colorado members & partners


Over 120 board members

“As a business, we measure ROI and focus on continuous improvement in managing change. Colorado Succeeds advocates for that kind of discipline in our school system.”