The Colorado Roadmap to Work-Based Learning

Who can use the Roadmap?


We encourage business leaders to partner with schools/school districts in Colorado to create work-based learning opportunities.

Use this guide to:

  • strengthen and expand your talent pipeline by increasing student awareness of career opportunities
  • support educators to bring relevant problems and projects into the classroom and push students’ thinking
  • learn about existing models and partnerships in your region


We support agile educators who are dedicated to adapting to the diverse needs of today’s students.

Use this guide to: 

  • help students develop the Essential Skills that will prepare them for success in any opportunity pathway
  • allow students to explore passions and discover careers in Colorado and bring real-world projects into the classroom
  • jump-start career paths for students while they are still in the K-12 system


Organizations play a key role in improving and creating new conditions for students to thrive.
Use this guide to: 
  • learn about existing coalitions and find contact information for work-based learning coordinators  
  • share additional resources/guides for developing a program or work-based learning projects 
  • learn about Colorado’s laws and legal guidelines for work-based learning

Agile learners, educators and systems are responsive to changes in the economy and society​

Aglie Learners
Agile learners learn how to learn, not just what to learn. They develop transferable competencies that will prepare them for an uncertain future and at the same time are committed to lifelong learning and development.
Agile Educators
Agile educators understand and adapt to rapid change in the economy and translate it back to programs and curricula. They create relevant educational experiences that help students learn about themselves and the world. They equip students to make choices about what and how they learn.
Agile Systems
Agile systems allow for the emergence of various types of learning experiences and educational opportunities that respond to diverse needs and interests of learners, as well as changes in the economy and in society.

The Career-Connected Learning Continuum prepares agile learners for these changes

Self-Identity and Career Awareness

Educational and Career Pathways Exploration

Essential and Technical Skills Development

Career Entry and Progression