Toni Scruggs

Meet Toni

Medical Assistant Apprentice at St. Anthony North Hospital.

Toni Scruggs is a Medical Assistant Apprentice at St. Anthony North Hospital.

For the better part of a decade, Toni’s jobs ranged from car sales to house cleaning. She enrolled in college courses several different times.  Life circumstances brought Toni to Colorado in early 2022, and she took it as her opportunity to restart her career.

Four days a week, Toni gets paid to work as a medical assistant apprentice at St. Anthony North Hospital. Her apprenticeship involves talking with patients, taking vitals, communicating patients’ needs to doctors, and tasks like giving vaccines, drawing blood and advising patients on the next step in their care.

"For me, this is 20 years in the making; I finally found a way to make working in medicine a part of my life. And I’m getting paid, which helps so much with the financial side of things. I’ll have the opportunity to work at Centura Health once I complete the program and become certified."



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