think-cell Powerpoint & Excel Charting Add-in Information

Create professional looking presentations for your classes fast using think-cell

Do you use PowerPoint to present in your classes? If so, think-cell – used by most consulting firms – might save you a significant amount of working time and enable you to create professional looking presentations for your coursework. Knowing think-cell could be a valuable skill as you enter the workplace since many employers, including top consulting firms and investment banks, use the software.

think-cell offers their software for free to academic and nonprofit organizations through their Academic/Nonprofit Partners Program. Watch their quick tutorials videos to learn more about each chart type. 

How to download think-cell

  • Go to to download the software (PC and Mac).
  • Download and install the software.
  • Upon starting Microsoft PowerPoint you will be asked for your trial license key. Contact think-cell regarding their Academic/Nonprofit Partners Program to obtain a  installation key.

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