Kelly Caufield

In Hindsight: How Gov. Polis’ Agenda Aligned to Vision 2030

In 2018, Colorado Succeeds, Common Sense Policy Roundtable, and over 20 industry associations and chambers of commerce released a study ahead of the Gubernatorial Election asking: “What if Colorado Schools Were Number 1 – A Business Guide for Colorado’s Next

Kelly Caufield

Achieving Vision 2030 Through Policy: Rethinking High School Funding

Rethinking How to Fund High School  The Vision 2030 framework started an exciting conversation about how we could chart a path for the future of education in Colorado where all of the state’s students are educated to their greatest potential and all

Kelly Caufield

Working Together to Make an Impact on Education in Colorado In order to realize a Colorado where every child in the state is educated to their greatest potential and has access to the opportunities they need to thrive, we must work together. “Collaboration gets to collective impact,” said Katy

Erin Parks

Supporting Agile Educators in Colorado

Most of us can remember a teacher from our time in school that heavily influenced us. Citing courageous educators as inspiration, policymakers displayed outstanding support for education policy across party lines this legislative session. At The Succeeds Prize celebration last

Erin Parks

Where Does the Polis Administration Stand On Education? 

We know that our current education system must become more responsive in preparing agile learners. Major economic shifts – from shuttering factories, shrinking industries, and the emergence of artificial intelligence – challenge the 120-year-old school model into question. Colorado is going to need bold leadership to move our schools and systems.  

Kelly Caufield

The 2019 Field Guide to Education in Colorado

Children sitting in first-grade classrooms today will graduate from high school in the year 2030. Experts predict that 85% of the jobs available in that same year have yet to be invented. The challenge then, to educate and prepare students