Transformational Impact

What is the Selection Process?

Below is the selection process for the 2018 Transformational Impact Awards.
Check back soon for more information about 2019.

  1. Colorado Succeeds hired Augenblick, Palaich and Associates (APA Consulting) to create an index to rank schools using publicly available data (from CMAS) and identified the top 25 schools in elementary, middle, and high school grades.
    • The index is weighted accordingly: 40% of the is a composite measure of student growth, 40% a composite of overall achievement controlled for students socioeconomic status, and 20% is an equity measure that is a composite of the performance on students who qualify for free and reduced lunch.
  2. APA Consulting then prepared a spreadsheet with more information on the top 25 schools in each category, while masking their names so that they remained anonymous to the selection committee. The committee looked through the data and information on the spreadsheets to discuss and debate which schools were most compelling, and narrowed the list down to 7 schools.
  3. Colorado Succeeds then sent a short survey to each of the 7 schools requesting short answers to solicit more information. The selection committee divided up into three groups, one for each award, insuring that membership of each sub-committee avoided any conflicts of interest. These sub-committees selected the three finalists using the information from the surveys and the data prepared by APA.
  4. Members of the subcommittees then visited all three finalist campuses in their category, meeting with students, parents, teachers, leadership and observing classrooms.
  5. Finally, the whole group will convened to vote for winners in each category. Each subcommittee presented a summary of their visits. The committee as a whole, excluding those with a conflict of interest in a given category, then discussed and voted for a winner using private ballot.

What are the Criteria?

In addition to the data-driven selection process, winners of the Transformational Impact Awards exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrated impact on student learning and preparation for college and career
    • Gains in test scores, graduation rates, and acquisition of 21st century skills
  • Innovative approach to school/program design and implementation
    • Ideas that can be replicated and scaled for the benefit of students statewide
    • Culture that rewards and challenges students to elevate their life goals and expectations and rewards them for taking risks, failing, and then refining their approach
  • Demonstrated impact on growing the whole child
    • Fostering a love of learning, acquiring diverse skills, and supporting well-rounded interests
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