Excellence in Education

What are the Excellence Awards? 

The Excellence Awards seek to highlight and fund innovative approaches to developing Agile Learners prepared for an uncertain future. Specifically, we are seeking programs, models, and approaches to teaching and learning being implemented by educators, schools, and districts that are:

  • Aligned to Colorado Succeeds’ Vision 2030 Framework

  • Supporting students in developing the raw human ingenuity, collaboration, and emotional intelligence that empowers students to shape the technology of the future, rather than be replaced by it

  • Innovative ideas addressing Colorado’s sizeable skills gap and one of the largest achievement gaps in the country

  • Providing opportunities for students to engage with and prepare for a globally connected, network-based, knowledge-based workforce that is rapidly evolving

  • Striving to prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist, where they will work with tools that have yet to  be created, and to solve problems that have yet to be identified

  • Helping students establish a mindset of life-long learning and skill development, so they understand that opportunity and fulfillment comes from continued learning

Who can apply?

All Colorado educators, including teachers, school leaders, counselors, or other school-based personnel leading innovative efforts in their school or district. If you are a business or other organization partnering with a school or group of educators, we encourage you to share this opportunity and support them in developing their application. 

What's at stake?

What is the Selection Process?

Application: Applicants respond to a series of questions, articulating why their program should be considered based on the criteria. The application deadline has passed, but check back in August for updates.

Review & Finalist Selection: Applications will be reviewed by the Colorado Succeeds staff and an advisory committee of education, business, and philanthropic leaders in Colorado. The committee will support Colorado Succeeds in identifying finalists for additional consideration.

Live Reveal: The $15,000 prize winners will be announced at The Succeed Prize live reveal celebration on September 19, 2019. Finalists and winners will be asked to participate in a storytelling campaign to highlight their work throughout the year.

“Innovation is based on questioning and challenging the status quo. It is also based on recognizing opportunity and taking advantage of it.”
Tiphani Krueger, Executive Vice president of human resources at Janus henderson investors
Tiphani Krueger of Janus Henderson investors presents the 2017 Innovation Award