Recognizing the Best in Education in Colorado

Colorado Succeeds believes that education must prepare learners for an everchanging world. Today’s students will enter a workforce of jobs that don’t yet exist, work with tools not yet created, and face problems not yet identified. As business leaders, we are optimistic about this future and want to support the agile educators and systems that create agile learners.

Our Vision 2030 Framework outlines the education principles, experiences, and transferable competencies students will need to thrive. We seek to invest in, and amplify, the very best examples of educators, schools, districts, partnerships, and programs that embody this Vision so that students and families across Colorado can benefit from their experience, insight, and lessons learned.

The Succeeds Prize is an investment from the business community in what’s working in public education and a year-long storytelling campaign through 9NEWS to inspire and support educators statewide.

Through a rigorous, data-driven process, Colorado Succeeds selects 12 finalists that showcase exemplary education programs in two categories: Transformational Impact and Excellence in Education. Six winners receive $15,000 each, while six runners-up receive $5,000 each, to support their work.

The Succeeds Prize is sponsored by the business community in partnership with Colorado Succeeds, 9NEWS, and mindSpark Learning.

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