According to the recent Education to Employment Alliance report, nearly half (49%) of jobs in Colorado require skills training beyond a high school diploma but not a four-year degree. However, too few Coloradans of working age—only 15%—have middle-skill credentials, creating a vast opportunity divide.

To strategically address these gaps, well-designed stackable pathways provide modular bridges that link incrementally into higher-level degrees and credentials.

What are Stackable Credential Pathways?

Credentials that purposefully stack into other credentials, forming a credentialing pathway. These credentials can be non-credit, certificates, skills badges, licenses, certifications, degrees, and other types.

The steps leverage deep employer engagement, leading to long-term partnerships with local training providers and offering clear, accessible on-ramps to high-quality jobs and economic mobility.

This Stackable Pathways Blueprint is an implementation guide designed for workforce intermediaries and employers to close the opportunity gap for Jeffco adult learners. Jeffco stakeholders are primed to execute this blueprint process, empowering learners, employers, training providers, school districts, public agencies, and community partners to close opportunity gaps—by creating clear and accessible credential pathways for adult learners.

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Stackable pathways represent a crucial shift in the world of education and workforce development. With the right deployment strategies and investments, this blueprint can drive economic self-sufficiency for residents, reduce inequalities, and create a more inclusive and prosperous future for the entire region.

Want to learn more or get involved? Contact Ben Gerig, Director of Workforce Pathways.