Quinlyn Sloan

Meet Quinlyn

Medical Assistant Apprentice at the Crossroads Medical Center

Quinlyn Sloan is a Medical Assistant Apprentice at the Crossroads Medical Center.

When she graduated in 2021, Quinlyn was confronted by a challenging job market for new college graduates without experience. When job opportunities didn’t arise, she started researching ways to put her degree to use.

She came across the medical assistant certificate program at Front Range Community College when she started looking for healthcare-related pathways that wouldn’t require her to earn an entirely new degree. 

Quinlyn says her second college experience has been even better than expected.

“I wasn’t completely sure if I wanted to commit to medical school or nursing school but I knew I wanted to work in the medical field. This opportunity allows me to do that, and it’s been a huge blessing. I love interacting with patients and getting to know them.”



Front Range Community College is a public community college with multiple campuses in Colorado. It has campuses in Westminster, Longmont, and Fort Collins, as well as centers in Brighton and Loveland.