The Agility Agenda to Achieve Vision 2030

Through policy and advocacy, we work to ensure all of Colorado’s students have access to a game-changing education.

What does it mean to be Agile?

Experts predict that 85% of the jobs available in 2030 have yet to be invented. We need an agile education system that prepares students for jobs that do not yet exist, to work with the tools that have yet to be created, and to solve problems that have yet to be identified.

Colorado Succeeds brings business, government, education, and community leaders across the state together to advocate for policy supporting Vision 2030—an agile education system that brings the principles, experiences, and transferable competencies needed for students to thrive in this uncertain future.

Policy Priorities

  • Bolster policies that connect more students to career-related education
  • Support policies that accelerate and expand high-quality college and career pathways
  • Refocus programs to better support equitable access for students
  • Oppose efforts to undermine programs that support high-quality pathways
  • Provide families with the resources to learn everywhere, such as direct financial aid to supplement their education
  • Support course choice by ensuring all students have access to meaningful curriculum and programs, regardless of location or school district
  • Ensure charter schools receive equitable public funding and have equal access to low or no rent facilities
  • Ensure funding is concentrated on student needs and interests, recognizing that it costs different amounts to educate different students
  • Expand seat time flexibility to allow for student learning outside of school without compromising funding
  • Support implementation of Proposition EE, which authorizes up to 10 hours a week of free preschool for all Colorado 4-year-olds
  • Support successful alignment and transition from preschool to elementary school
  • Ensure school performance data is transparent, accessible, and easily understood by parents
  • Identify new and meaningful measures that provide information on student growth, enable comparability, and ensure accountability
  • Oppose efforts to undermine or eliminate the state’s accountability system, including aspects focused on student performance and teacher evaluation

Resources & Opportunities

Impact Briefs

Colorado Succeeds has made significant strides toward a more equitable and relevant education system. Your investment, leadership, and support make this work possible.

One Million Credential Report

Read our report, Unlocking Our State’s Potential: One Million Credentials of Value for Coloradans, describing the state’s postsecondary challenges and opportunities for business advocacy and leadership.

For more information, contact: Katie Zaback, VP of Government Affairs, or Sarah Swanson, Director of Government Affairs

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