Homegrown Talent Initiative Brings Community MembersTogether

The Homegrown Talent Initiative has brought together hundreds of community members as the 8 participants have hosted a number of meetings to build a graduate profile and design new programs.

HTI is rooted deeply in the context of local community assets and needs, cultivating and solidifying partnerships between often siloed organizations. Facilitated by Colorado Succeeds and the Colorado Education Initiative and supported by local and national foundations, including the Daniels FundWalton Family Foundation, and Gill Foundation. HTI aims to:

  • Identify exemplary programs already occurring across Colorado and support the documentation of best practices such that others can learn from their efforts.
  • Support communities in leveraging these and other efforts to develop and strengthen access to high-quality learning experiences in their schools and districts, as well as multiple pathways that lead learners to success in postsecondary education and career – a concept we call the Career- Connected Learning Continuum.

As we travel across the state to see these communities in action, we are excited to read about their efforts in the local news: 

Sky-Hi News- Grand County aims to address workforce challenges with website, new program in schools

Clear Creek Courant—Business leaders finding ways to get involved with school

The Holyoke Enterprise- Pathways To Success Are Focus Of Homegrown Talent Initiative

Clear Creek Courant- Quanbeck: Making Clear Creek grads prepared for the world

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Colorado Succeeds