Teachers are our champions of innovation, creativity, and learning. They are the most important partner in building a more responsive and agile education system.

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Are you an educator providing agile programs preparing students for a future we can’t predict? Each year, The Succeeds Prize awards some of Colorado’s most innovative educators with grant dollars to support and scale their programs, and amplifies their stories and learnings across the state.

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There is a growing need for STEM and computer science pathways in education, especially for educators. This opportunity allows teachers to take part in a graduate-level program that provides them with the competencies and skills to teach STEM and computer science in Colorado.


Scholarships are now available for computer science professional development. Funding can be used for postsecondary coursework, including industry-recognized certificates in computer science. Schools must apply for funds on behalf of teachers.

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This new, free, and open-source resource bank ranges in offerings from assistance in developing a computer science curriculum to scholarship opportunities for students. The resource bank is soon expected to include local industry partners who want to collaborate with educators.

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Find out how the state is providing incentives to districts where high school students earn qualified industry credentials tied to in-demand jobs and industries. This exciting program was just expanded for another five years; make sure your district takes advantage.

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Talk to your district about offering students the opportunity to earn a STEM high school diploma endorsement. Much like a magna cum laude designation, the endorsement serves as a mark of distinction for high school students who demonstrate mastery in STEM. 

Colorado STEM

In partnership with 20 business organizations, this guide highlights the economic impact if Colorado had the best education system in the country. See what the future Governor of Colorado’s plan would be to get us there. 

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Across the state, educators and businesses are offering apprenticeships for students to gain hands-on work experience. CareerWise supports high school students’ development of technical and career skills and expands career exploration. See how you can partner with businesses today.

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Colorado STEM Connect is the place for Colorado learners to explore and discover science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs and opportunities. You’ll also find STEM programs and events in Colorado.  Have a STEM opportunity? Register your program and be promoted statewide and nationally.

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