Distance Learning and Remote Working Resources

Staying Healthy and Productive from Home

Addressing COVID-19 in Colorado

Every day, and now more than ever, the team at Colorado Succeeds roots itself in six named core values, the first being “Lead by Serving.”  During these uncertain times, it is important for us to support one another in unprecedented ways and stay apprised of relevant information to stay safe and “flatten the curve.”

Innovation in Colorado

This is a time for rapid innovation and experimentation as much of Colorado is forced to make shifts to distance learning and working. We will continue to shine a light on best practices and update these resources to help Coloradans ensure that learning can truly happen everywhereWe will also continue exploring systems that do this well to distill their approaches and share them among and between schools and districts. 

Staying Involved

We ask that you stay involvedWe know many members manage or work inside learning and development teams or conduct daily operations through remote workingPerhaps you have other resources and tips to share. You may have other time, talent, or tech you wish to contribute to the greater good. We’ve invited you to share on this open and evolving resource to support one another and share what works. 

School leaders across the country are designing plans for returning to school in the fall. It can be very challenging to design multiple plans for various scenarios and, in particular, to design a plan that includes in-person instruction with social distancing requirements. TFS Solution outlines a unique solution for on-site learning with social distancing as well as a plan to return to reimagined schools.

Learning Resources

Free Tools for Lessons

    • Khan AcademyFree differentiated learning resources for learners at all levels
    • IXL – K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner
    • Quizlet – Provides engaging, customizable activities with contributions from people everywhere
    • CK-12 – Enabling everyone to learn in his or her own way
    • Eureka Math – Full Eureka Math curriculum, printable worksheets
    • Age of Learning – Free access to ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy, and Reading IQ; redeem with code: School7771 for K-8 parents and teachers 
    • PBS Design Squad – A project-based learning resource for students of any age
    • Kahoot! – Free access to Kahoot! Premium for the remainder of the academic year 
    • Tynker – Provides grade-specific STEM content; Free access through May 2020 
    • Edpuzzle – Allows teachers to create interactive videos, track student participation, etc.; Free access to the full program 
    • Wide Open School – Features a free, expert-curated collection of learning experiences, activities, scheduling tips, and creative breaks broken down by grade and subject; for teachers and families (Common Sense)


Computer Science


  • ST Math – Strong math curriculum for grades K-8  
  • Mangahigh – Math programing for students elementary through high school 
  • Eureka Math – Full Eureka math curriculum, printable worksheets

Language Arts

  • Raz-Kids – Free through end of year, online materials for 29 reading levels, quizzes, including material for ELL 

Foreign Language

Resources for Educators

 Early Childhood & Elementary School

Middle School – Share your resources with us!

High School  


Community Resources

Resources for Families

Meal Distribution Information


Internet & Technology

Resources for Employers

Additional Links from Our Partners

Ways to Help

Early Childhood Education

1. Support EPIC’s efforts in supplying ECE providers with simple supplies that maintain a clean operating environment. Paper towels, toilet paper, bleach, latex/nitrile gloves, hand soap, disinfecting wipes, and snacks/food for children are all desperately needed. To donate, contact the local ECE Council in your area.  Other Efforts: 2. Share resources from the Emergency Childcare Collaborative with any essential employees looking for childcare. The Collaborative aims to provide important information to the ECE community while collecting and assessing the greater community’s needs. 3. Join an ECE Working Group that will advise the development of a Colorado Succeeds ECE Advisory Committee made up of business leaders, ECE experts, and state policy leaders. This committee will ultimately inform key organizational goals and policy priorities related to ECE. Contact Lance Hostetter for details. 4. Provide pro bono services. ECE providers need both legal and business advice and support such as understanding specific legal questions related to real estate and employment. Additionally, providers need accounting, tax, and loan guidance related to federal stimulus and forthcoming state opportunities. Contact Ashley Andersen for details.


In order for students to successfully navigate their new distance learning environments, they need three critical things:

  • Tablets & Laptops
  • Reliable High-Speed Internet
  • Software to Access Content

How Business Can Help

1. Tablets, laptops, and WiFi hotspots – loan or donate!

2. Expand Guest WiFi access at your building for learners to access from vehicles in the parking lot.

3. Technicians who can help learners troubleshoot technology, refurbish hardware, and/or support software installation.

4. Offer warehousing capabilities for shipping and/or storage for disinfecting equipment.

Contact Brad Revare for more information.

Share With Us

We’re seeking continued information and resources from our members and partners to add to this page. Please feel free to provide any additional information in the form below.  

  • What tools or resources is your school/district using – and would you consider it a best practice we should share with others? 
  • What tools or resources does your corporate learning and development team use; or professional recommendations for distance learning best practices? 
  • Are there regulations burdening at-home learning and innovative teaching?