Colorado Succeeds to convene healthcare industry and Higher Ed

Colorado Succeeds played a leading role in passing HB 1350 this year, which provides meaningful incentive money (~$90M) to workforce collaborations between regional industry and higher ed institutions to solve talent pipeline challenges at scale. In advance of the program’s anticipated application release later this year, Colorado Succeeds has been partnering with industry to help make them aware of the opportunity. 

In May, Colorado Succeeds partnered with Associated General Contractors of Colorado to host fifty construction industry, higher ed, and talent ecosystem partners to encourage them to identify existing and new programs that could be leveraged for stimulus. Now, a smaller working group of leaders in the industry are planning to hone in on 1-3 ideas for an application to submit once the funding becomes available. 

In July, Colorado Succeeds and several other partners will be convening healthcare industry and higher ed leaders to follow the same process to potentially apply for incentive funding to scale up workforce programs that solve talent pipeline challenges in the industry. 

If you are a healthcare industry leader or a higher ed professional involved in healthcare related programs and would like to attend the meeting on July 18th from 3-4:30PM, please contact Brad Revare at 

Brad Revare

Director of Corporate Development
Colorado Succeeds