Business Member Highlights: April 2021

Every month, we bring you new member announcements and core value shout outs to highlight the incredible work being done by our business network to ensure all of Colorado’s kids have access to a game-changing educational experience, and all of Colorado’s businesses have the homegrown talent they need to thrive. 

New Member Announcement 

Mark Fitzgerald, Principal & Denver Office Lead

CapTech is a team of master builders, creators, and problem solvers who help clients grow efficient, successful businesses. They focus on human-centered digital solutions rooted in agility. Mark outlines some of his background and inspiration for joining Colorado Succeeds: 

What was your first job?

My first real job was as at 14-years old as a dishwasher at the Valley Stream Inn. It was hot and dirty work, but I always felt good ending the night with a clean kitchen. Unfortunately, the job has left me a bit “particular” when it comes to the right way to load a dishwasher.

What is an opportunity or challenge facing your industry?

A significant challenge and opportunity that we face in the tech industry is stopping
middle school girls from self-selecting out of technical academic and career paths. We
need scalable and impactful strategies that allow these girls to see the tech industry as a place where they belong and can make meaningful contributions.

What was an educational experience that was transformational for you?

My third grade teacher, Mr. Kelly, brought a level of creativity and passion to our
classroom that was second to none. While I certainly could not appreciate it at the time, I’m confident now that he lit a spark in me the still today compels me to view potential solutions from many different perspectives.

Core Value Shout Out

Brooke B

Brooke Borgen, Independent Strategy Consultant, Borgen Consulting

ACT AS A TEAM: We genuinely care for the members of our team and consider it a privilege to serve with them. We build trusting relationships with our colleagues by motivating one another, lending support, acting with integrity, and having fun. We are mindful of how our presence impacts the team. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Brooke has been highly engaged in the education community serving on both the KIPP Colorado board and the Child & Family Development Committee at the Rose Community Foundation. Her time at the El Pomar Foundation and fellowship with Quarterly Forum (now CiviCO) has given her a keen understanding of the challenges and solutions present in our education ecosystem.

Brooke has been involved with Colorado Succeeds since 2016 and has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors, where she will help drive the strategy and growth of the organization – two areas squarely in line with her impressive skill set. Brooke is a smart and savvy super-networker who leverages her community and resources to strengthen Colorado. She is directly responsible for bringing in many of Colorado Succeeds’ most engaged members.

Brooke is a graduate of Denver Public Schools (East High School), Stanford, and received her MBA from Harvard. She is a civic leader in both Denver and Grand Lake where she resides with her family.

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Director of Partnerships and Engagement
Colorado Succeeds