Erin Parks

Agility in Action: Exploring Education for a New Era

Our education system was created for a different time and now we must explore how to transform it for a new era – the age of agility. Listen to the full keynote from the Great Schools are Good Business breakfast

Erin Parks

How Ponderosa High School is Modeling Innovation – One Latte at a Time

When we think about innovation in education our minds often conjure up images of app development or virtual reality helmets. However, Allison Fabrizio, a 3rd-year teacher who works with students with severe needs at Ponderosa High School, took a different approach. Through

Erin Parks

Where Does the Polis Administration Stand On Education? 

We know that our current education system must become more responsive in preparing agile learners. Major economic shifts – from shuttering factories, shrinking industries, and the emergence of artificial intelligence – challenge the 120-year-old school model into question. Colorado is going to need bold leadership to move our schools and systems.  

Erin Parks

What Is Open Enrollment in Colorado?

Since 1994, Colorado families have had the option under state law of enrolling their children in any traditional public school or public charter school in the state, as long as space is available. If the school is outside either the