Ashley Andersen

Educators & Business Ignite Entrepreneurship in Northern Colorado

Earlier this month, Colorado Succeeds teamed up with the OtterCares Foundation and MindSpark Learning to host NoCO IgnitED, a two-day immersive event focused on educators  and industry partners collaborating to spark entrepreneurship in education. Over 100 attendees from five school

Ashley Andersen

Business Member Highlights: April 2021

Every month, we bring you new member announcements and core value shout outs to highlight the incredible work being done by our business network to ensure all of Colorado’s kids have access to a game-changing educational experience, and all of

Ashley Andersen

Agility in Action: Exploring Education for a New Era

Our education system was created for a different time and now we must explore how to transform it for a new era – the age of agility. Listen to the full keynote from the Great Schools are Good Business breakfast