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Erin Parks

Colorado Education Programs Model Excellence

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PROGRAMS IN COLORADO THAT MODEL EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION CONSIDERED FOR $15,000 PRIZE Colorado Succeeds Announces Nine Finalists for The Succeeds Prize Excellence in Education Awards DENVER, CO — Aug. 15, 2019 – Colorado Succeeds received over 50

Kelly Caufield

The Succeeds Prize is Back: Meet the Finalists

We have traveled across the state with advisory committee members to tour schools that were identified through a robust investigation of Colorado School data. Learn more about the elementary school finalists.

Erin Parks

How Ponderosa High School is Modeling Innovation – One Latte at a Time

When we think about innovation in education our minds often conjure up images of app development or virtual reality helmets. However, Allison Fabrizio, a 3rd-year teacher who works with students with severe needs at Ponderosa High School, took a different approach. Through

The Succeeds Prize STEM Award banner
Jackie Thompson

The Succeeds Prize 2018 STEM Award: Meet the Finalists

Meet the 2018 finalists for The Succeeds Prize for Excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education, sponsored by the Ball Corporation. Littleton High School – Littleton Littleton High School strives to make STEM education accessible, exciting, and transformative