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Colorado teacher shortage photo
Jamie Trafficanda

Colorado’s Teacher Shortage: Get the Facts

In any business, recruiting top tier talent in sufficient numbers is critical to achieving success.

It’s no different in education: thriving schools and districts need a reliable pipeline of great teachers, a pipeline where supply meets demand.

Arickaree students in shop class
Jamie Trafficanda

Schools Partner to Bridge the Rural-Urban STEM Divide

We’ve long heard that technology will revolutionize education, dissolving barriers created by distance, inequity of opportunity, and lack of resources, and bringing the world to every student.

Jaime Casap Google Chief Education Evangelist at Colorado Succeeds luncheon
Sean Wybrant

Dinner with Google’s Chief Education Evangelist

Sean Wybrant, Colorado’s 2017 Teacher of the Year, along with other Colorado education leaders attended a dinner with Google’s Jaime Casap organized by Colorado Succeeds. During that dinner Casap, the company’s Chief Education Evangelist, explained how he approaches education, looks at it

National Teacher Appreciation Week
Colorado Succeeds

Members Honor Educators for National Teacher Appreciation Week

Educators have the power to transform a student’s academic and economic trajectory. In fact, they are the most important in-school factor for student success. We’ve all had at least one teacher who inspired us to push ourselves and reach our

Scott Laband

In Defense of Teacher-Evaluation Reform

Originally published in: When Gov. Bill Ritter signed Colorado’s teacher-evaluation framework into law in 2010, he set in motion a powerful transformation of the state’s education system.