Shannon Nicholas

Transformation Through STEM in Englewood Public Schools

Over the past seven years, with little fanfare and almost entirely under the radar until recently, the 3,000-student Englewood School District has built one of the best Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs in Colorado.

Colorado students can now earn a STEM endorsed diploma
Heidi Ganahl

STEM in Colorado Makes Leaps and Bounds

2017 has been a landmark year for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education in Colorado. New laws passed during this year’s legislative session combined with significant progress on initiatives already underway mean that Colorado students have richer opportunities than

Boomtown creators Nick Titus and Sam Everett of Centaurus High School. Photo Source: Boulder Daily Camera
Shannon Nicholas

How a Science Project Becomes a Company

Do you remember what you were doing at the age of 17? If you’re like most of us, your days were probably filled with going to school, completing homework, participating in sports or clubs, and hanging out with friends.

While women have made significant gains in some STEM fields over the years, such as biological sciences, progress has been slow since the 1960s
Jamie Trafficanda

Colorado’s Challenge: Getting More Women and Girls in STEM

It’s been nearly 25 years since the toy company Mattel received extensive criticism for producing a talking Barbie doll that lamented, “Math class is tough.” The toy, and many other aspects of our popular culture, have consistently reinforced the idea

Denver high school girls tour JE Dunn's Denver construction site.
Ashley Andersen

JE Dunn Promotes Women and Girls in STEM in Colorado

When you imagine a school field trip, having kids don hardhats and safety goggles and tour a high-rise construction site probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. But for 27 Denver high school girls who gathered at the