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Ashley Andersen

Rallying for STEM at the Capitol

Policy met practice at the Colorado State Capitol on March 14 when Colorado Succeeds co-hosted STEM Day at the Capitol. Nearly 100 leaders from business, education, and government gathered in the Old Supreme Court Chambers to promote science, technology, engineering,

Ashley Andersen

Great Schools Are Good Business Power Lunch with Peter Sheahan

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Transformative, radical change to any system, including public schools, has to be undertaken incrementally. Practice humility. This is especially important for the business community to consider when jumping into the at times perplexing world of public education. Allow

Ashley Andersen

Business, Education, and America’s Workforce

Concerted efforts from the fringes of both major political parties to derail the Common Core State Standards and throttle back state testing of public school students could ultimately pose a threat to the nation’s position in the world economy.