Kelly Caufield

Colorado Succeeds Policy Updates: A Deep Dive Into the Agility Agenda

Colorado Succeeds and its members have had tremendous success advancing The Agility Agenda this year at the Capitol. As we near the end of the 2019 legislative session, this is where some of our priority issues stand:    Expanding Work-Based Learning Opportunities: The Career

Scott Laband

Creating world-class CTE programs: Five lessons from Colorado

Last week, I explained why career and technical education will make agile learners America’s future, and that maximizing their potential requires CTE that works well for students, employers, and school systems. In my home state of Colorado, we’ve learned a great

Scott Laband

The Art of Developing Agile Learners Through CTE

Seventeen-year-old Sandra can’t wait for school to start each day. Perhaps that’s because her school day looks nothing like what most of us envision a classic high school schedule to be. Her morning begins with Advanced Placement calculus, but as