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The Vision 2030 framework has served as our north star for transforming education in Colorado. To build on this Vision, we have engaged numerous leaders and practitioners representing K-12, postsecondary, students, alternative learning providers, employers, policymakers, and intermediaries to move education forward in our state.

A Closer Look at in Colorado

Exploring Education Policy Ideas

Creating Multiple Pathways to Success

Rethinking High School Funding

Rethinking High School Funding

Preparing students for postsecondary education and the workforce means encouraging more learning outside of the traditional classroom. Apprenticeships, capstone projects, and other opportunities designed to support students in building and demonstrating transferable critical thinking and problem-solving skills is critical, but our outdated funding system was not built to support these opportunities.

Addressing Systematic Barriers

Addressing Systematic Barriers

Systemic barriers remain a challenge to our state’s education system. Restrictive seat-time requirements, educator licensure, and ensuring the accountability system supports innovation while also recognizing high-quality schools will remain important priorities.

Blurring the Lines between High School and Postsecondary

Blurring the Lines between High School and Postsecondary

The world is moving to a place where the lines between high school and college are becoming blurred – where demonstrating competencies and completing career-connected learning experiences should be valued with postsecondary credit. Students need opportunities to build more relevant, rigorous, and transferable skills in high school. Giving students hope and better information about different pathways enables them to explore who they are and what they can add to their community. Furthermore, as costs for higher education continue to rise with uncertain outcomes, it is critical to look for ways to preserve pathways for all students to thrive.

“An opportunity might exist in Colorado’s teacher waiver laws so that more industry experts could teach CTE classes to rural students."

The Colorado Succeeds Policy Papers

offer an in depth look at potential legislative solutions to transform the education system in Colorado. These documents present research that highlight local and national models for building better postsecondary pathways, redirecting school funds to better suit student needs, and increasing access to CTE courses in rural areas, among others. 

Colorado Succeeds has also developed resources that show the improvement strategies supported by Coloradans and the impact of Colorado's skills gap on local employers.


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