The Agility Agenda to Achieve

Students today face unique challenges.
We need an agile education system that can meet students where they are, and give educators the flexibility they need to make an impact.

What does it mean to be

Success in the 21st-century economy will depend on a person’s ability to think critically and quickly adapt to our ever-changing world – to be agile. 

We imagine a future where all of Colorado’s children develop transferable competencies that will prepare them for a future we cannot predict and the education system is responsive to the diverse needs and interests of all learners. 

In order to create the conditions for agile educators and agile learners to thrive, we must look at policies that create agile systems. Learn more about how we can achieve Vision 2030.

Quick #EdColo Facts
0 %
of the state general fund went toward K-12 education programs and initiatives for 2018-2019.
0 %
of students in Colorado graduated from high school on time in 2017.
0 %
of students scored at the college-ready level on average across the four core subjects.
0 %
of secondary students are enrolled in some form of CTE studies in Colorado.

Achieving Vision 2030 through Policy

Colorado Succeeds makes an impact by influencing policies that improve educational outcomes for kids and ensure that businesses have the skilled, homegrown talent they need to thrive.

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