Economic Impact

In 2018, Colorado Succeeds worked with expert economists to see the impact to our economy if Coloradans earned the levels of education and training needed for Colorado’s jobs.

REMI Model

Using the REMI model, a dynamic economic modeling program, our coalition found that boosting Coloradans’ educational attainment would yield astounding returns for Colorado families, employers, and the state at large. What’s more, these figures would increase exponentially over time.

If Colorado students obtained the levels of education needed to compete in today's economy, over the span of 10 years:

Colorado would gain
57,600 additional graduates
with post-secondary education levels needed for Colorado's jobs
These graduates would
earn an additional $8.5 billion

This additional income means​ more money flowing into the economy...​

$1 billion
in new revenue and public savings
$472 million
increase in auto spending
$1.4 billion
increase in home spending

Leading to​ greater economic outcomes for Colorado

new jobs created
$12 billion
in increased GDP growth
We Also Found
that if Colorado improved education to the levels needed by the workforce, 57,600 more high school graduates would earn some form of post-secondary education.

That’s enough to fill the Pepsi Center over 3 times.​

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