Lance Hostetter

Government Affairs Manager

Lance Hostetter is the Government Affairs Manager at Colorado Succeeds. He oversees both advocacy and early childhood education policy, while supporting both K-12 and higher education policy. Lance is passionate about elevating the voices that are impacted most by Colorado’s education policy and practice, which guides his approach to developing meaningful advocacy partnerships and policy concepts that promote student success inside and outside of the classroom.

Prior to Colorado Succeeds, Lance was the Colorado Program Manager at America Achieves where he worked with Colorado educators to develop industry-aligned capstone projects. He also provided educators with the tools and knowledge to become policy experts and educator-advocates, empowering them to challenge and champion Colorado education policy.

Lance received bachelor’s degree from Adams State University and his master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado Denver. He lives in Denver with his wife Kate, their dog Brasky, and their three chickens Poppyseed, Olive, and Lemon.