Our Core Values

Lead by Serving

As leaders in our community, we are passionate about serving people and solving problems that matter. We prioritize the needs of our stakeholders and our constituents, anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations. We are committed to authenticity, empathy, and humility.

Act as a Team

We genuinely care for the members of our team and consider it a privilege to serve with them. We build trusting relationships with our colleagues by motivating one another, lending support, acting with integrity, and having fun. We are mindful of how our presence impacts the team. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Compete Everyday

We are steadfast in accomplishing our goals. We know that gentle pressure relentlessly applied delivers results. We push through adversity with tenacity and commitment to those we serve. We see opportunity where others see problems. We are solutions-oriented, creative, and have a bias for leadership and impact.

See Around the Corner

We welcome innovative ideas and embrace ambiguity with courage, optimism, and entrepreneurial scrappiness. We work to gain vision, understanding, and perspective so we can take smart risks for the benefit of students. We challenge the status quo internally and externally in pursuit of transformational results.

Lean into Learning

We love to learn—as individuals and as an organization—and we take time to reflect and question how we can continually improve, evolve, and grow. We embrace dicult conversations and crave constructive feedback. We are agile, responsive, and adaptive to our constantly changing world.

Be an Owner

We own our words, actions, attitudes, and results and share responsibility for meeting our commitments. We believe that our impact is measurable, our mistakes should lead to learning, and that everyone’s wins deserve celebration.