CLEAR Core Values


We build trusting relationships with our colleagues, investors, partners, and community members by listening, learning, and supporting one another. Together, we are stronger and can contribute more.


We take responsibility for finding the potential in all people, processes, and systems, and we have the courage to develop that potential, even when it may be difficult or uncomfortable.


We are motivated to innovate; create and test new solutions; and challenge the status quo in pursuit of transformational results. We work to see around the corner and take the initiative to act before others do. We can act and react as necessary, even when limited information is available.


We accept responsibility for our actions, words, attitudes, and impact. We own our commitments, mistakes, and continuous improvement.


We are determined to make the most of every moment. We have a bias towards action and a sense of urgency to achieve our goals. We are tenacious, tireless, and never discouraged in the pursuit of impact for all learners.