2018 Opportunities for Impact

Colorado Succeeds connects our business members with high ROI opportunities that support schools and educators and improve learning experiences for students.

Here is how you can get involved to develop a major agile education system that meets the needs of Colorado’s workforce.

To learn more about these opportunities, including time commitment and timeline, contact Madison Knapp, manager of partnerships and engagement.

Support for Students

  1. Capstones Projects: Advise educators developing Capstone projects for high school students aligned with real world problems. Once created, businesses can work with schools to offer these Capstone projects, which will help students develop and apply 21st century skills that the workplace requires.
  2. Mentoring: Provide perspective and advice to help educators connect classroom learning to future workforce needs.

Support For Educators

Educator image
  1. Innovation Coaching: Provide business perspective to educators looking to teach innovation and offer relevant, real-world learning opportunities.
  2. Externships: Provide workplace experience to an educator, giving them insights and perspective to take back to the classroom and improve the real-world application of their studies.

Support for Industry

  1. Tool-Kits & How-To Guides: Advise in the development toolkits and how-to guides for businesses to partner with schools to offer work-based learning or other experiences (i.e. industry credentials, externships, capstone projects) to students and teachers.
  2. Investors Roundtable: Convene corporate and philanthropic leaders to identify and coalesce around high ROI strategies for advancing education in Colorado.

Director of Partnerships and Engagement
Colorado Succeeds